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Smith Lake Zip Lines and  Aerial Adventures provides a birds eye view of nature in a way that can't be experienced in any other way! Exploring the tree canopy and mixing in some adrenaline fun is the perfect way to get out, explore, and make lasting memories!


Smith Lake Zip Line Adventures was built by American Adventure Park Systems, an industry leading Professional Vendor Member for the Association for Challenge Course Technicians (ACCT). American Adventure Park Systems has a proven track record of constructing safety first, high adrenaline and experience centered aerial adventure parks.

Smith Lake is also partnered with Historic Banning Mills and Screaming Eagle Aerial Adventures, the world's largest zip line adventure park!

At Smith Lake, we're committed to providing exceptional adventure experiences to build life long memories for you, your friends, and family.

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Zip Line Courses use a belay system to keep guests safely attached while off the ground. Our Course uses the Vertical Trek Innovations Continuous Closed Belay System to achieve this. The VTI System is a continuous closed system, meaning from the point you hook in at the start of the course, until you return to the ground, you'll be connected at all times without ever risking an accidental disconnect. Many zip line courses use a two hook system, requiring guests to move one hook at a time, while always keeping one connected. Understandably, problems can arise when both hooks are accidentally disconnected. This is something we don't need to worry about with our belay system! Our hook seamlessly slides from one cable to the next without having the opportunity to disconnect. For our guests, this means a safer and more relaxed experience enjoying their time having fun in the trees!


Explore the canopy as you zip through the air and navigate suspension bridges.

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